Seattle Web Fest is a free one-day film festival taking place March 12th, 2016 at 10 AM at Northwest Film Forum.

We feature web-based fiction & non-fiction series from Seattle and around the world. We celebrate independent television by curating a selection of amazing shows for theatrical presentation while hosting panels & workshops from industry professionals.

Matt Longmire talks about Seattle Web Fest on KING5’s New Day Northwest.

Northwest Film Forum

The Venue

Our screening venue is right in the heart of Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood, the busiest arts neighborhood in the city. With two screens, a beautiful lobby, and a concession stand with wine and beer, NWFF was the perfect place to set up Seattle Web Fest.


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Meet the Creators of SWF

Matt Longmire

Matt Longmire

Technical Director

Matt Longmire is the Technical Director for Seattle Web Fest and the writer and director of the show The River which involves an ensemble cast struggling to survive in a deadly underground game of poker.

Liz Ellis

Liz Ellis

Programming Director

Programming Director Liz Ellis is the creator of WRECKED, a very Seattle, very dirty web sitcom. She is a co-founder of the Bainbridge Island-based little-media-company-that-could, Honey Toad Studio.

Darlene Sellers

Darlene Sellers

Communications Director

Communications Director Darlene Sellers is the co-creator of the beloved Kung-Fu spoof series, Chop Socky Boom. She is also the host of the Seattle Web Series Meetup and a regular and welcome face at web series events around the country.